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mikegrayton - Thu Nov 06 21:39:38
@EMTrains still disappointed that with a season ticket worth £9000 you want me to pay more for WiFi....
mikegrayton - Fri Oct 17 21:29:37
RT @EY_UKI: Proud that @SteveVarleyEY has been named one of London's most influential people in 2014: @EveningStanda…
mikegrayton - Tue Oct 07 18:27:00
RT @EY_UKI: Proud that EY UK has #recruited over 3,500 people in 2014
mikegrayton - Tue Oct 07 18:24:27
RT @EY_UKI: There's never been a better time to join #EY. Find out more here #growth #ambitions #careers…
mikegrayton - Tue Oct 07 07:02:40
RT @EOY_UK: Congratulations to @mrmissguided @Missguided for winning #EOYUK emerging award!
mikegrayton - Tue Sep 23 13:47:26
RT @JeremyWarnerUK: Here's a picture of a "mansion" in my area as defined by Miliband's proposed new property tax. Yes, yours for £2m http:…
mikegrayton - Sun Sep 21 06:27:50
RT @MKBHD: #1 thing I dislike about using an iPhone 6 is NOT being able to use my Moto 360.
mikegrayton - Wed Jun 25 18:05:36
Good quality Polish scrum ... Mmm (@ Ania)
mikegrayton - Sun Apr 13 10:29:23
I'm at Newstead Abbey (Newstead, Nottinghamshire)
mikegrayton - Sat Apr 12 15:27:43
It's a rock and roll lifestyle for us, here to see Mr Tumble and CBeebies Live! (@ Capital FM Arena w/ @figrayton)

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SkyNews - Wed Jan 28 04:06:14
LA Gangs Join Forces In Fight Against Killings
gigaom - Wed Jan 28 03:53:14
Still waiting to update your iOS software due to storage issues? You're in luck:
jack - Wed Jan 28 03:41:19
RT @conradtribble: Hola tuiteros cubanos, ahora pueden escoger "Cuba" como país en su profíl - #Twitter #Cuba
gigaom - Wed Jan 28 03:30:45
Netflix is revamping its data architecture for streaming movies
SkyNews - Wed Jan 28 03:26:56
Military Signs Deal For 'Next Gen Passwords'
gigaom - Wed Jan 28 03:08:26
Twitter steps up its game with group messages and native video
BBCBusiness - Wed Jan 28 03:02:54
VIDEO: India and the muscle business
BBCBusiness - Wed Jan 28 02:55:59
Asian shares lower on US earnings
MrBenBrown - Wed Jan 28 02:55:02
Hello Calgary 😍 I've missed you! 🍁
gigaom - Wed Jan 28 02:46:39
Google confirms, Fiber is coming to 18 more cities

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A trick for choosing wine
Wine shops can be overwhelming. So many bottles, so many pretty labels—but what do they actually taste like? We spoke to Michele Pravda, owner of Brooklyn wine shop Smith & Vine, who taught us this fun way to choose wine...If you like BUTTERED TOAST, try a California Chardonnay.
Inspired By…
With the new year is already in full swing (how can January already be almost over?!), it’s about high time that we actually started to tackle a few of our lofty goals for the year.
What We Have Planned For 2015!
Having shared how we got on with our 2014 projects, it’s now time we looked to the future.
Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies
Well done! You did your best, Well done! We’re so impressed, Well done! Congratulations, You deserve the praises! Well done also to Finn on his tennis medal and Hesham on his football and cricket medalsl!
Introducing the Spark Channel
Spark is a platform for interacting with physical things. In addition to development tools, Spark provides a distributed operating system for the Internet of Things that brings the power of the cloud to low-cost connected hardware.
Beginning family dinners
For the past few years, Alex and I have given the boys dinner around 6pm, then played, read books, sang and put them to bed. Once they're asleep, we have our own dinner around 8 or 9pm. I really like having that time to drink wine, talk about our days and just chill.

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